25 Kids Wall Pack #3 (Screw On) | Climbing Holds | Assorted Bright Tones


This set of kids’ rock climbing holds attaches with wood screws. If you prefer a bolt on hold that uses a bolt and a t-nut, try our 24 Kids Pack. This collection of children’s climbing wall holds is designed to meet the needs of preschoolers and up ? easy for them to hold on to yet versatile enough to challenge them as they grow. Offering grips designed for their little hands to fit and giving them the confidence they wish to ascend. This kids’ rock climbing hold set helps build an encouraging climbing environment for kids even as holding their attention so long as conceivable. There’s a photo example above of exactly where to place the children’s climbing wall holds. Look for the thumbnail images to the right of the main image. If you plan to lay a sheet of plywood right against drywall, simply attach the 3/4 inch plywood through the drywall to the studs and then You’ll attach the holds anywhere on the plywood. This method of plywood attachment is acceptable because the holds in this set are SCREW ONS and attach with a couple of wood screws per hold. You’ll attach these children’s climbing wall holds in an instant to concrete as well the usage of concrete Tapcon screws which are to be had as an option. See How to Build a Wall for complete instructions.


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