39 Pack BFF (Screw On) | Climbing Holds | Assorted Bright


In all cases at Atomik, you get what you paid for. Bigger price means bigger holds and most vital to this set is that the footholds are bare foot friendly. This set does only have 10 of these footholds so you may also wish to imagine adding an additional set. This is a wonderful set for a 4 x 8 panel wall. It is a little to lean to hide 2 panels. bare foot friendly great for homes and facilities that use bare feet and trainers a couple of sizes of holds which might be all incut so the challenge is the size of the incut this set consists of… 12 mini Scoops 12 medium Sccops 5 medium Scoops (BFF) 10 medium Scoops (BFF)


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