Black Diamond Camalot X4 2nds Onecolor #0.4

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Big expansion range. Single-stem flexibility. Narrow head widths. The Camalot has evolved and filled the missing link in BD’s line of rock pro. Thin desert tips corner? The smallest three sizes of the X4 feature Stacked Axle Technology — a machined axle that provides more expansion range per size than other small four-cam units. Funky pin scars? Embedded cam springs allow for a narrow head width that fits in tight spots other cams may not. Awkward horizontal placements? Aluminum protection beads let the cable resist repeated abrasion, yet it is still flexible. Pumped out of your mind and ten feet out out of your last piece? A hot-forged trigger bar and symmetric swage reinforce handling and get rid of buckling. Please note these are Cosmetic Seconds that have a flaw or blemish that doesn’t impact product performance.


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