Black Waterproof Gloves

Main Color:Black
Style:Waterproof Gloves
Material:Nylon & Spandex


Hanz Black Water-proof Gloves (2191)
Outside Layer Made From Nylon and Lycra Spandex Material
Middle Layer Is made From Water-proof MVT (Moisture Vaport Transpiration)
; Permits Perspiration To Escape Whilst Now not Allowing Water To PenetrateInside Layer Is Made From Duponts Coolmax Yarn
This Combination Provides A Soft Flexible Stretch-To-Fit Glove Suitable For So Many UsesThe Design Provides The Ultimate In Action Performance and Comfort
Whether you wish to have complete protection from rain and cold Whilst sitting in a blind or casting flies on a freezing creek or need Water-proof comfort and grip Whilst doing sports within the rain HANZ gloves provide unmatched protection and reliability.
Seamless and stretchable HANZ gloves are built with a three-layer construction and breathable MVT membrane to keep you dry. Each Water-proof glove is performance-tested within the factory before it is allowed out into the sphere.
Main Color:Black
Style:Water-proof Gloves
Subject material:Nylon & Spandex
Note:For return policy in non product problem,customer has to response for shipping fee and 15% restore fee,And please return within 14 days.


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