Blue Ice Bluebird Evo Ice Axe

Material: [head, spike] hot-forged steel [shaft] aircraft aluminum
Recommended Use: mountaineering, ski mountaineering
Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years


Identical to human evolution, the evolution of ice axes is a slow, barely noticeable process, but those subtle differences make a world of difference. Take Blue Ice’s Bluebird Evo Ice Axe, for instance, which only has a slight bend within the shaft in comparison to the original Bluebird Ice Axe. This bend puts the spike at an angle more ideal for stabbing into ice when you find yourself ski climbing, very similar to the Galapagos finch’s beak angling otherwise with a view to get to cacti fruit.
Material: [head, spike] hot-forged steel [shaft] aircraft aluminum
Beneficial Use: climbing, ski climbing
Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years


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