CAMP USA Ball Nut One Color, #3 Yellow

Claimed Weight: (1) 29 g, (5) 73 g
Strength: (1) 7 kN, (2-5) 8 kN
Recommended Use: thin crack climbs


CAMP USA Ball Nuts are the one choice for hammerless aid-mountain climbing protection in thin, parallel-sided cracks. When the going gets thin, pull the trigger and place a Ball Nut in a crack as narrow as 3mm. Free up the trigger and opposing forces of the brass ball and aluminum nut holds these tiny pieces of protection in place where their 8kN-strength (1798lb-force) is able to save your hide in the event you log a few air time. Much faster and more uncomplicated at the rock than banging in a knifeblade, CAMP Ball Nuts are the final word in protecting thin free climbs and saving time on aid-mountain climbing lines.

Product Features

  • Range: [1] 3-6mm; [2] 4.5-9mm; [3] 6-12mm; [4] 8-14mm; [5] 10.5-18mm
  • Strength: 8kN
  • Weight: 29-73g (depending on unit size)
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Country of Origin: United States

Claimed Weight: (1) 29 g, (5) 73 g
Strength: (1) 7 kN, (2-5) 8 kN
Advisable Use: thin crack climbs
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year


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