Camp USA Race 290 Crampon

Material: aluminum, Dyneema
Front Points: 6
Number of Points: 10


Designed with competitive ski hiking in mind, the CAMP USA Race 290 crampons work with any tech-binding-compatible A/T boots. Kiss needless webbing wraps good bye and say hello to the Race’s lightweight and fast Dyneema straps. CAMP went with aluminum construction to cut weight so far as imaginable. These up to date Races have a dynamic anti-balling plate to stop snow build up and come up with sure footing in your journey. Different colored right and left crampons offer fast and easy identification so you’ll be able to slip these on and get back to boot-packing.
Material: aluminum, Dyneema
Front Points: 6
Choice of Points: 10
Anti-balling plates: yes
Boot Compatibility: step-in (for Tech boots)


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