Camp USA Tour Nanotech Crampon

Material: Sandvik Nanoflex (stainless steel)
Front Points: 2
Number of Points: 10


Camp USA’s Tour Nanotech Crampon weighs slightly over a pound, which is extremely light taking into account it is made of steel. Most steel crampons are too heavy or bulky for most ski mountaineers, however the Tour’s lightweight, compact, ten-point design makes it easier for skiers to opt for steel when there is ice and rock between you and the target. As an alternative of the standard chromoly steel construction, Camp USA used Sandvik Nanoflex stainless steel that is 70% stronger and 20% stronger than standard chromoly. Since it is stronger, the Tour’s frame is much slimmer than normal crampons for compact convenience.
Material: Sandvik Nanoflex (stainless steel)
Front Points: 2
Collection of Points: 10
Anti-balling plates: yes
Boot Compatibility: automatic, semi-automatic


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