Camp USA XLC 390 Crampon

Material: 7075 aluminum
Front Points: 2
Number of Points: 12


Camp USA’s XLC 390 Crampon weighs not up to a single pound; that by myself makes it an alluring option for ski mountaineers taking a look to hit lines safeguarded by steepness. This crampon is sturdier than standard aluminum crampons as a result of Camp USA’s innovative 3D shaped construction (pressed, not bent) at the front platform. Even supposing rugged, aluminum crampons are only good for soft snow; rock and ice climbs require steel points. It’s compatible with most alpine touring ski boots, telemark ski boots, and rigid hiking boots with toe and heel welts.
Subject matter: 7075 aluminum
Front Points: 2
Collection of Points: 12
Anti-balling plates: yes
Boot Compatibility: automatic


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