Camp USA XLC Nanotech Crampon

Material: [frame] aluminum [front points] Nanoflex stainless steel
Front Points: 2
Number of Points: 12


Camp USA’s XLC Nanotech Crampon is a lightweight, aluminum crampon that weight-conscious ski mountaineers search for, but steel front points lend an edge while you encounter icy and even rocky objectives. Aluminum points get shredded for those who ever attempt to climb ice or rock, so Camp USA made the front points out of Sandvik Nanoflex stainless steel to resolve that issue. Camp’s innovative 3D shaped construction (pressed, not bent) makes the aluminum frame sturdier than standard aluminum frames. It is compatible with most alpine touring ski boots, telemark ski boots, and rigid hiking boots with toe and heel welts.
Subject material: [frame] aluminum [front points] Nanoflex stainless steel
Front Points: 2
Collection of Points: 12
Anti-balling plates: yes
Boot Compatibility: automatic step-in, hybrid semi-automatic


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