Ceres II Qd

Ceres Ii 20Cm Qd
Ceres Ii Quickdraws
Weight Wire 11cm  


The Ceres quickdraw makes no compromises in serve as or safety. Hot solid technology places the weight bearing subject matter where it counts to maximise strength and minimize weight. Lighten up your backcountry rack. Dyneema? slings in plenty of lengths from 11cm sport-attracts to 25cm attracts for reduced walking on cams or nuts. Alpine version comes with 7mm Dyneema? 60cm sling. 6 Packs include locking Firefly carabiner. Alpine 60cm   76 grams
Ceres Ii 20Cm Qd
Ceres Ii Quickdraws
Weight Cord 11cm  
66 grams


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