Chalky Ball

Pure magnesium carbonate chalk in mesh bag
Great for keeping chalk dust to a minimum at the gym and crag


Cypher’s Chalky Ball gets your chalk where it wishes to head with out causing a dusty mess. These to hand little balls are full of magnesium carbonate chalk for top friction grippin’. PRODUCT FEATURES: 434304 , CYPHER Chalky BallS , Chalky Ball CYPHERS , CYPHER Chalk BallS , Chalk Ball CYPHERS , CYPHER CLIMBING Chalky BallS , CLIMBING Chalky Ball CYPHERS , CYPHER CLIMBING Chalk BallS , CLIMBING Chalk Ball CYPHERS , chalk , hiking chalk , climbers chalk , climb chalk , bouldering chalk , boulder chalk , hiking gear , bouldering gear , CYPHER chalk , CYPHER hiking chalk , CYPHER climbers chalk , CYPHER climb chalk , CYPHER bouldering chalk , CYPHER boulder chalk , CYPHER hiking gear , CYPHER bouldering gear
Pure magnesium carbonate chalk in mesh bag
Nice for keeping chalk mud to a minimum on the gym and crag


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