EDELRID Ultralight Hardshell Helmet


The Ultralight Hardshell Helmet is our classic helmet. Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for institutional use at adventure parks or Mountaineering centers. This design allows for the option of a head torch attachment. It fits a head circumference of 54 – 60cm (21.3 ? 23.6 inches) and has fully adjustable head straps and chinstraps to provide an optimal fit. This helmet is made of extremely robust and have an effect on-resistant polypropylene shell and is CE and UIAA Certified. 26 vents ensure a constant supply of fresh air and it has a detachable, washable headband made of synthetic leather. Its overall weight is 435 grams. The History of EDELRID– EDELRID used to be founded by Julius EDELmann and Carl RIDder in 1863. To start with, the company made braids and cords. Julius Edelmann used to be a salesman and mountaineer, Carl Ridder a technician, who specialized in braiding machines. The faces might have changed through the years but EDELRID remains an innovative and creative company to nowadays. In 1953 EDELRID invented the kernmantle rope and revolutionized the world of Mountaineering. Materials and production techniques were repeatedly improved and then 11 years later, EDELRID produced a rope capable of withstanding a couple of falls – the forerunner of the modern dynamic Mountaineering rope. Mountaineering has never looked back since. EDELRID makes a speciality of four sectors: Sports, Safety, Adventure Parks and Industry. The four EDELRID divisions originate from the company’s core competences in textile braiding and processing (i.e. weaving, braiding, stitching and textile finishing). As a manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), EDELRID puts safety and quality first all over both development and production.


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