Grivel X Monster Ice Axe w/ ADZE


All of the accepted rules about climbing equipment were upset all the way through the 2004-2005 season by Monster. Numerous Grivel competitors tried to stop this stampede even the usage of underhand methods. But the concept was once right and today the less extreme X Monster by Grivel has arrived. The shaft is reasonably straighter and the grip is better for vertical walls ? the Monster however was once perfect for overhangs ? its multi-grip design lets the climber?s imagination run wild. A thinner pick for fragile ice. A shorter pick as the continuity between pick and shaft can anchor in deep as there?s nothing to stop the blade fitting in between two columns or in narrow cracks. The flexible shaft that such a lot of climbers have recently discovered makes anchoring into cracks, including non vertical ones, easier and safer. Just take into account that the progress made on changing from rigid to flexible vaulting poles! The rear part is available either with a hammer shaped like ?nuts?, ideal for anchoring and torqueing in larger cracks on mixed terrain, or with a more classic shovel. A hole in the shaft can be utilized to attach a leash. Tiny anti slip claw at the end of the shaft. Modern graphic and accessible price for those with limited funds typical of today?s younger generation.Specifications:CE certification as a category 2 PPE.Weight: (hammer) 695gr 24,5ozLength: 47cmPatented


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