Hippy Tree Appalachian Chalk Bag

Material: [exterior] brushed poly microfiber (100% polyester), [lining] fleece (100% polyester)
Brush Holder: yes
Recommended Use: bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing


Keep more than a couple handfuls of chalk within arms achieve with Hippy Tree’s Appalachian Chalk Bag. The drawstring cinch closure makes sure that chalk doesn’t spill out of the bag at the same time as you are for your technique to the crag, and the adjustable belt assists in keeping your chalk within achieve at the same time as you are mountain climbing.
Subject material: [exterior] brushed poly microfiber (one hundred% polyester), [lining] fleece (one hundred% polyester)
Brush Holder: yes
Advisable Use: bouldering, sport mountain climbing, trad mountain climbing


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