Kask Super Plasma Hi-Vis Helmet – Fluorescent Yellow

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Tough, lightweight, and super comfortable! Each and every helmet is equipped with ten aluminum-grilled air vents that offer efficient cooling and ventilation at the same time as still blocking out debris. The outer shell is made of high-density ABS plastic, and the high-density polystyrene inner shell features ducts that provide natural air glide and heat cycling. The inner padding consists of a soft polyethylene headband and disc, either one of which might be removable and washable. The liner is made of moisture-absorbent, odor-resistant fabric. A rubberized wheel allows for simple headband size adjustment even supposing you’re wearing gloves. The helmet’s lamp-carrying clips are compatible with most strap-type headlamps, and a red ring at the chin strap allows you to fasten the helmet in your harness. Meets ANSI Z89-1-2003 Type I, Class C standard.


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