Ortovox D3 Avalanche Beacon


The Ortovox D3 avalanche Beacon is simple to make use of with its visual directions that indicate more than one burials and the space to a victim. The D3 uses three antennas for a faster search without the dead zone. The D3 spots the site of buried persons. With a variety of As much as 70 meters the D3 will provide you with clear signals for pointing in any direction. The D3 comes with a carrying bag and elasticized securing belt. The D3 is an impressive tool within the back country.Other Features: Power: AA Batteries Analog: Yes [70m] Digital: Yes [40m] Range: As much as 70m Frequency: 457 kHz Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 25 mm Antenna: 3 Warranty: 5 Years Use: Rescue, back country use


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