Ortovox Pro Alu III Shovel + Pocket Spike (Blue)

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This extremely functional and fully featured shovel just got somewhat bit cooler. Ortovox included the pocket spike, a forged ice pick that attaches to the care for of the shovel, providing security on unexpected steep slopes. The shaft spike replaces the shovel blade, creating a tool that offers reassurance at the final steep pitch of your next tour. Though the pocket spike isn’t an alternative choice to your ice axe, the tool can compliment your glacier commute safety kit by offering easy to carry protection in exposed areas. Excluding its pocket spike capabilities, the Ortovox PRO Alu III Shovel has a hoe function, in addition to a flexible and comfortable grip. For a perfect versatile shovel from a widely respected brand, take a look at the Ortovox PRO Alu III Shovel + Pocket Spike.


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