PIEPS C660 Shovel

Blade: aluminum
Shaft: telescoping
Handle: C-shaped


Make sure to throw the Pieps C660 Shovel in your backpack before you venture into the backcountry. Essentially the multi-tool of avy shovels, this valuable backcountry tool comes equipped with an extendable shaft and hoe function so you’ll in reality move some snow when each second counts. The C-shaped Care for incorporates those bulky mittens you on a regular basis wear when you find yourself doing stability tests, and the sharpened edges make it easy to get a clean pit wall for identifying problematic weak layers. Most importantly, though, Pieps gave this shovel a bottle opener so you are not stuck with an unopened bottle of brew back on the trailhead.
Blade: aluminum
Shaft: telescoping
Care for: C-shaped
Blade Dimensions: 28.5 x 21.5 x 6in
Claimed Weight: 1lb 7.2oz


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