Pieps Freeride Avalanche Beacon

Digital Range: 40 meters
Search-strip width: 30 meters
Single or multiple burial symbols


The Pieps Freeride Avalanche Beacon is likely one of the most compact single-antenna transceivers in the marketplace today. An easy-to-read LCD screen displays distance and dynamic field-flux strength to aid your search, and an accompanying acoustic signal permits you to look away from the beacon to scan the snow at the same time as you continue your search. As a single-antenna beacon, the Freeride offers a different style of search that takes more practice and experience than that of a beacon with two or three antennas. For individuals who use Pieps’ iProbe smart-probe, this beacon offers the unique benefit of iProbe enhance. Once located with an iProbe, this beacon may also be temporarily deactivated right from the probe to limit the number of signals in a more than one-burial search. Small, lightweight, and minimalist in terms of features, this beacon is ideal for the fast-and-light backcountry skier or snowboarder who already has some search experience under their belt and little room or weight to spare.
Digital Range: 40 meters
Search-strip width: 30 meters
Single or more than one burial symbols
Dynamic flux line indication arrow and distance indication
Battery Life: [send mode] 200 hours (uses one AA alkaline battery)


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