Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear 115 Bolt on Climbing Holds Mixed Sizes WITHOUT Hardware


HOLIDAY CUT OFF TIME DEC 7TH Get all your climbing needs met with this mix set of 115 Climbing Holds! Every set comprises 15 playground holds (Five Roof Jugs, 10 Extra Large Holds) 100 Large, Medium, and Small Bolt on Holds. This product comes WITHOUT hardware. We make our climbing holds from recycled materials. We keep material out of land fills. Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear is made in the us. What are they made of? Recycled materials including polyurethane, Vinyl Ester, Polyester, Plastics, Epoxy, Vegetable oil and other organic materials. These holds are nontoxic. Our holds are very strong and will get up to any climate. Holds are approximately the size of a golf ball to the size of a baseball. Holds come in over 200 different unique shapes. Use with 3/4″ plywood. These holds use a 2 inch long allen head bolt that may be 3/8 diameter and a 3/8 T-nut. This hardware isn’t included. Rocky Mountain Climbing holds come with a life-time guarantee. We are a small manufacturing company, processing and shipping may take up to 7 business days. Return policy is 60 days full refund (even the shipping cost to go back holds) Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear is Across the world Trademarked. We ask that you contact us before re selling our items. Please call us with any questions. Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear (208) 704-0291


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