Senkichi Axe 1KG 60CM (Japan Import)

Blade part: With steel
Blade part: double edged
Handle part: Wood

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[Use] axe. [Features, Features] It is for wood splitting. Excellent durability with all steel blades. [Precautions] Please do not use it other than the original use. Please confirm that there’s no rattling / slack in the main body or parts before use. Please wear protective glasses, gloves etc. when the use of. Please clean after use and keep it in a secure place out of reach of children. Senkichi is one of eight original brands of Fujiwara Sangyo Co., Ltd., specialized in cutting tool for carpentry and gardening. “Providing products to all tool distribution channels in Japan.” Established in April 17, 1944, the company business is carried out from the headquarters and seven branches and sales offices. [Products] Carpenterfs tools/Work tools/Air tools/Tip tools/ Work toughen/Gardening tools/Gardening equipment/Gardening supplies. [Product Categories] A variety of products, from carpentry and power tools, to hand and gardening tools. As a trading firm focused on planning and development, we offer a number of DIY tools, primarily power tools, hand tools, and gardening tools. Our product line includes approximately 100,000 models. This vast array of products allows us to satisfy the needs of our clients. [Carpenterfs tools] Basic DIY tools for cutting, grinding, hammering, polishing, and measuring. [Work tools] Hand tools for any work situation and application. [Air tools] Power tools that efficiently perform high-precision work. [Tip tools] Tool bits with high precision that may be safely used with any material [Work support] Product toughen for secure, safe, and comfortable work performance. [Gardening] Gardening equipment for hobby gardeners and professionals. [Gardening equipment] Wide range of products for pruning, cutting, planting, weeding, cultivating, and storing. [Gardening supplies] Gardening tools for quite a lot of gardening applications.
Blade part: With steel
Blade part: double edged
Take care of part: Wood
Size: W170 x H630 x D30mm
Weight: 1440g


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