Sterling RNR, Poseidon Safe Tech Escape Rope 9425

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Developed for Rock-N-Rescue by Sterling Rope, Protected Tech Escape Rope is a less expensive solution for individuals who want the high heat resistance of an all Technora escape rope without the higher cost. Protected Tech combines the high heat resistance of Technora into it’s sheath with the strength and better elongation properties of a nylon core into a single, less expensive package. Even though we are hoping that you never have to in reality use this item in an emergency, rest assured that if the want to use it arises in an emergency, this product is backed by years of research and development, testing and actual field work. The rope can also be purchased one by one or with one of three different anchor hooks sewn on. The ropes with sewn anchor hooks each come with 50 ft. of rope. Meets NFPA 1983 for Escape Rope. Made in the usA.


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