Tension – Flash Board

Portable Hangboard
Variety of crimps, jugs, and slopers
Light weight and easy to hang


A transportable hangboard designed to be lightweight and packable, the Flash Board is very best for traveling climbers. Use the one point hanging feature for simple set-up and adjust the cord to change the perspective. The incredibly versatile design includes edges, crimps, jugs, and slopers. Hold types: Jug best edge Sloper best edge 2 0.75″ incut edges 2 0.75″ flat edges 2 0.50″ incut edges 2 0.50″ flat edges 3 0.33″ crimps 8 feet of 6mm accessory cord included. 17″ long, 2.5″ diameter. Poplar.
Portable Hangboard
Number of crimps, jugs, and slopers
Light weight and simple to hold


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