Tension – Grindstone Pro Hangboard


The Grindstone Pro has 35mm edges, but then skips to 20mm, 15mm, and 10mm edges. Now we have included a pair of incut 7mm edges for serious small crimp training. The middle row of holds has a 30mm edge and the similar 22mm edge from usual Grindstone.  Pockets? Of course.  The Grindstone Pro includes 25mm two-finger pockets and absurdly comfortable 45mm mono pockets that are ideal for progressing intensity with got rid of or added weight.  No more craning your neck to observe the clock! The slot at the top of the board acts as a phone holder and points the screen down towards your face even as you might be hanging.  #goforthandcrush Holds: Jug 35mm edges 20mm edges 15mm edges 10mm edges 25mm two-finger pockets 45mm mono pockets 7mm incut crimps Single 30mm edge Single 22mm edge Phone slot Dimensions: 22″ wide, 6″ tall, 2 3/4″ deep Poplar


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