Volumes #10 Hedron Rail | Climbing Holds | Bright Purple

New design brings variety to your wall.
Huge area to attached XL slopers to.
It’s meant for steep terrain.


Volume #10 Base Dimensions : 28″ long x 6″ wide base. 2 1/4″ at the most sensible plate where the emblem is. Stands proud from the wall: 5″ T-nuts installed: 12 round base brad hole t-nuts. Attachment method : Two 3/8-16 Allan head bolts by way of our embedded stainless-steel double slider washers.
New design brings variety on your wall.
Huge area to hooked up XL slopers to.
It is meant for steep terrain.
Bright purple colored hold. Color would possibly vary from photo.
Comes with 2 indoor rated bolt with 2 t-nut.


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